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Scratch off where you’ve been USA Map

Who would use a map in today’s tech savvy world, you may think? Well think again; this is no ordinary map. Luckies of London has redefined the way you may perceive maps. Scratch map, a unique map which has a special scratch feature making it one of the most amazing possessions anyone can have.
Developed and created by Luckies in 2009, Scratch maps fast gained popularity motivating Luckies to come up with various versions of the map, Scratch Map USA being one of the latest entrants into the list. As the name suggests, Scratch Map USA is the USA edition of the Scratch Maps.

The Unique Scratch Feature

The map is covered with coloured foil layering in stars and stripes pattern, which can be scratched off to reveal the intricate details of the places scratched.
What’s so special about Scratch Map USA

While the biggest feature of the Scratch map is the scratch feature, it definitely does not end there. Here are some reasons that make Scratch Map USA a must buy.

• Amazing Looks: While the map is made to look like the American flag, it looks even more amazing after scratching off the upper layer.
• Informative: As you scratch the places, it provides with valuable information of the various places within USA.
• Durability: Made with only high quality paper and laminate, it is built to last long.
• Great Wall Piece: The dimensions of this map are 85 x 60 cm making it a great wall piece in your office or room.
• Usability: The map ranks extremely high on the usability parameters. Turn the map around and you can even mark the route from anywhere to anywhere within USA. So, next time you take a trip from California to Las Vegas, forget GPS and go retro with this amazing map.
• Affordability: While the benefits of this map is endless, the best one is its amazingly pocket friendly price.
While this map can be a great buy for yourself, it can also be a great gifting option for your American friend or to someone who is soon travelling to USA.

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