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Scratch off where you’ve been USA Travel

Scratch Map USA Travel: Trusted Travel companion for USA

Scratch Maps are the most innovative and amazing concepts from the Luckies of London. Developed in 2009, Luckies has come a long way since then by bringing in various variants to the original Scratch Map. One of the latest entrant in the series has been the Scratch Map USA Travel.

How is it Different?

Inspired from the original Scratch Maps, Scratch Map USA Travel is made to represent the flag of the USA. However, the stars and striped pattern of the American flag can be scratched off as one visits that particular place in the country. Once scratched, it shows interesting facts about that particular place.

Are you traveling to America? Do you know someone who is? If you do, this could be a perfect send off gift to him/her.

Why Scratch Map USA travel is your best travel buddy in USA

• Utility: The twin sided map not only looks great, is highly practical and useful too. While the front part of the map can be used to scratch off the places as you visit them, the back map can be used to mark your route as you make a road trip from New York to Boston.
• Record your Journey: With dedicated sections where you can list down your top 5 places in USA or even top 5 burger joints, you will surely not forget anything once you come back from your exploration.
• Easy to Carry: The dimensions of this map are 42 x 29.7 cm, which makes it really easy to carry around even in your rucksack. And don’t worry, the tube packing will ensure the map does not get damaged as you move around.
• Built to Last: Made from Laminate and coloured paper with coloured foil layering, this is one map which will not leave you for years to come.
• A great Gift: While it’s packed with features, it is this map’s affordable price which makes it not only a good product for your own use, but also a great gifting option for your friends and family.
While there are many duplicates present out there, they are not half as good as the original from Luckies of London. To avoid disappointment and embarrassment, visit Luckies in London or their official website to buy this product.

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