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Scratchable USA Travel Map

Scratch Off Map – USA Edition

Luckies has a new Scratch Off Map on the block – the Scratch Off Map – USA Edition. Many fans of the original Scratch Off World Map have been waiting for this version of the popular map, and they’ll be flying off the shelves! It is the perfect gift for the US-traveler in your life, or the person who lives in the U.S. And wants to document the States and locales they’ve been to.

The Scratch Off Map – USA Edition has a truly cool and unique foil design, a nifty looking Stars and Stripes theme, that easily scratches off to reveal elaborate and colorful detail beneath. You’ll learn all about United States geography while enjoying the gorgeous artwork and authentic detail.

Every popular, infamous locale in the United States is represented on the Scratch Off World Map – US Edition. From New York to California, Florida to Alaska, Maine to Oregon, it’s all here just waiting to be discovered. Learning U.S. Geography has never been more fun. Find out why Luckies Scratch Maps have become one of the most popular gifts in the UK.

Scratch Maps are often imitated but never surpassed in quality materials or design. Luckies Maps are simply the best, and the original.

No matter whether you’re traveling around the country on a road trip or just want to scratch off the few States you’ve been to (or wish to go to) the Scratch Off World Map – US Edition, will give you hours of geographical fun and learning.

As with all Luckies Scratch Off World Maps, it features:

Bright, colored foil, laminate and high quality paper
Design by award winning team of artists and designers
Made proudly in the UK
Easy scratch-off
Long lasting integrity

Enjoy the patriotic Stars and Stripes design and the interesting, informative detail underneath as you scratch off each State you’ve visited in the United States. Or give the Scratch Off World Map – US Edition as a great gift to someone planning to visit the States. They’ll enjoy it for years to come.

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