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Shoes Travel Pouch

Shoe Pouch – Shoes that fit in a pouch that fits all!

How many times have you had the trouble of fitting in those shoes in your bag as you plan your travel? And when you are someone who loves to travel and are always on the move, there is never enough space for those extra pair of shoes. And then you try to wrap them in a brown paper or newspaper only to see that they are already out of it and have created a mess once you open your suitcase. Between all that packing and unpacking here’s how you make space for those shoes. Here’s a Shoe Pouch that helps you through it!

The Shoe Pouch is designed by Alife, a design company known for working on bright, fun travel related products. The Korean brand was then founded by Luckies of London in 2012 to bring to the world their creative designs.
What makes a Shoe Pouch a must have?
• Utility with a great travel buddy: No longer do you have to put those shoes in boring boxes or scout for the bags that take up the least space. This 100 percent polyester pouch is designed in a way that it fits in easily.
• Affordable: This is one of the most affordable pouches out there when it comes to storing your shoes smartly. It is reasonably priced and fits all budgets. So if you’re travelling on a budget already, this will be a smart buy.
• Great for hygiene purpose: When you want to keep your clothes clean and do not want to have a pair of shoes that totally got messed up on your trip, this one helps you protect your luggage from those dirty shoes.

It’s a great little something to give your traveller friends. Not only is the design cool, but also comes with great functionality features. Gift it to someone who loves to travel and they’ll always thank you!

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