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Square suitecase luggage tags

Square Luggage Tag – Innovative way to identify your Luggage
Travelling is one of the best things to be done, but even an awesome holiday can turn into a nightmare when you are unable to find your luggage at the airport or train station. To prevent this from happening, you can use the Square Luggage Tags. These small tags are the best option to personalize your luggage so that you are able to identify it immediately.
The Square Luggage Tags have a glossy make which makes them even easier to spot. So whenever you are waiting at the carousel for your luggage to appear, spotting these tags attached to your luggage will make identifying easy and you save yourself from the embarrassment of picking up someone else’s luggage by mistake.

The Square Luggage Tags are a brilliant idea of the South Korean company Alife. You can purchase these from Luckies along with a wide range of other unique and exclusive items.

The Square Luggage Tags have dimensions of 20.6 cm x 7 cm and are made out of Enamel PVC.

5 Reasons why the Square Luggage Tags can be great travel accessories:

1. No More Confusion: The Square Luggage Tags makes identifying your luggage so much easier. You can have your suitcases tagged using these and can also use it on your handbags.
2. Effortless Use: The Square Luggage Tags can easily be put on to the luggage and removed whenever you feel like removing them. It is a complete hassle free process to use these Square Luggage Tags.
3. Pick Your Colour: The Square Luggage Tags are available in multiple colours. You can pick the ones which suit your luggage the best.
4. Great for Gifting: Know someone who has recently planned a trip? Then, get them Square Luggage Tags to attach to their luggage.
5. Reasonably Priced: These Square Luggage Tags by Alife can be purchased at a very reasonable rate.

These tags are stylish, look ultra-modern and you are surely going to get a few head turns as you move around in the airport. A must for any traveller, get them today from the house of Luckies in London.

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