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Stylish Passport Wallet

Gloss Passport Cover – Cover with the Gloss
Passport is a proof of your identity and the most important document you carry with you when you travel. Thus, it is better to take care of it because it has to go through a lot. The glossy cover of the passport that comes in six different colours, suit the image of an important document very clearly.

The glossy covers are embossed with the word ‘Passport’ and meant especially for that. You just need to select your favourite colour and put your passport in.

The glossy passport covers are made from Enamel PVC and it is 10.3 x 13.7cm in size. This is a standard size for passports and the material of the cover protects the passports from spillage and scratches and general transitional risks.

For those who like their passport to be safe, but would like a more conservative selection of colours, these covers are perfect for them.

The unique features of the Glossy Passport Cover:
• Protection: The passport covers are great for protecting your passports. It shields your documents from general damage and makes it easier to handle.
• Just right for that: The passport covers are embossed with the word ’passport’ and meant for it. The sizes are standard for passports and meant exclusively for that.
• Spot on: The glossy exterior makes it easy to find amidst the many pockets and spaces inside the bag.
• Practical: There are also pockets inside the cover for ID and credit cards so all your things can be in one place.
• Stylish but conservative: The covers are quite smart, but meant for those who would like a bit more conservative colour scheme.
• Gifts: These make for great gifts for men and also for anyone who needs a passport cover.
The covers can be cleaned very easily with a wet cloth and soapy liquid. It dries very fast because of the nature of the material. The glossy passport covers are available in 6 different colours and can be bought as a set or individually and you can change your covers from time to time whenever you want.

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