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T-Shirt Travel Pouch

T-shirt Pouch – Special something for your Tees

When you went to travel the last time, did you end up losing your Tees in the lovely mess your travel bag had become? It’s time to organise your travel and without it looking all boring. We all love our Tees as they are the real travel buddies. So how do you organise them? You put them in a pouch specifically meant for tees. If you thought there isn’t any, check this out!

The Tee Pouch is designed by Alife. The brand works on bright, fun travel related products that are both cool and usable at the same time. This Tee Pouch is meant to make your travel convenient and its beautiful colour also makes it an ideal gift for your special someone.
What makes a T-shirt Pouch a must have for any traveller?
• Great companion: You don’t have to worry about those Tees becoming all crinkled and messed up in your pile of clothes. You now have a pouch that keeps the Tees safe and sound. This 100 percent polyester pouch is designed in a way that it fits in easily and makes space for more.
• Affordable: By the look of it, this 32x24x10 cm pouch looks like an expensive little something but it really is not. It is reasonably priced and fits all budgets. So if you’re travelling on a budget already, this would be your smart buy.
• Great for hygiene purpose: When you want to keep your clothes clean, pair this up with the shoe pouch and avoid the mess in your travel bag.
• Space Saving: Rolled-up tees packed in this pouch will take much lesser space than when kept loose. And when travelling, space saving is an essential rule every traveller must follow.

A great way to organize stuff, the pouch is a good option to gift someone who is particular about keeping stuff.

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