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Top Ten Quirky Gifts 2017

Now to help people choose among the best kinds of quirky gifts, we have arranged a countdown, and here it starts:
10. Novelty alarm clock, almost all of us need an alarm clock to ware up time, so if you are planning on buying a quirky present simply choose from the myriads of interesting little alarm clocks available in any shop.
9. Glow in the dark nick knacks, no matter how old we may be, everybody likes something that’s glows in the dark in a cool way!
8. Kitchen equipment, everybody’s got the usual ceramic plates and steel knives right? Give a twist to the whole thing; buy a plate or knife for someone with a mad cartoon design, but still works for whatever it is meant to be.
7. Bouncing balls, for some people there is just no growing up, forget the age factor and just go get a childhood favorite, get that friend a big rubber ball that they can sit on and bounce all day long!
6. Baking equipment, we all love gingerbread man, so instead of the usual boring ‘man’ why not buy cutters in the shape of other things, a ninja perhaps?
5. Toys, we may talk and act like we are all old and boring, but inside there is always a little kid trying to get out, so why not buy a cute prank toy? One can never put a price on funny after all.
4. Bookends, there is always that one book lover in the group, so why not treat the person to a couple of bookends so the books on the edge do not tip off, and since we are all about quirky gifts here, why not buy ones that are based on cartoon characters.
3. Cupcake shape, all of us know about the usual yummy shape of cupcakes, but now that is about to change as you gift a quirky little cupcake shape, so may be an android cupcake?
2. Gloves, this is the really fun bit, for years people have worn regular white, brown or colored gloves resembling big hands, so how about buy some gloves for a friend that perhaps look like something different, pixilated hands may be!
1. Candy, most of us do not really know this, but candy is really nothing but sugar and other stuff transformed into all the cool things we love to see and eat today, and just like some geniuses have done over the years, we can also come up with a nice little candy design ourselves, it can look as yummy as it tastes.
So that is all, after much looking around we have narrowed down all the quirky things you can buy to just ten big ideas, a lot of these you would enjoy making yourself as well, but we suggest everyone gives a good thinking about all of them instead of just scooting down to no.1, it all depends on who we are buying for after all, and its that split second incredible reaction that is the reward we are all looking for.

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