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Travel Diary Journal

Travelogue Travel Journal – A Gift for The Voyager in You
Trekking/ travelling/journey, whatever you may want to call it, you can’t deny the fact that it has an adrenaline rush or an excitement of its own. It is best to have this excitement shared and saved so that you can look back at it with sheer pleasure. Scratch off Travelogue Travel Journal will surely prove to be a highly interesting gift / personal stuff.
Tracking your Journey with this Travelogue
Create logs about the visits you have done so far and pen them all down in this travelogue journal.
You could also use it to plan your travel.
Made from high quality paper and scratch foil coat that does not wear-off easily and has a glossy, high quality effect.
Specially designed pocket to tuck in the boarding pass.
It is not at all expensive, yet a very useful item for travelers.
It’s Time to Maintain Track
Indeed it is. No matter how old you are, what you do, what are your dreams and aspirations, if you travel, a travelogue will always be something that will be close to you and will help you share all your feelings, thoughts and experiences about a particular visit you paid to a place recently.
Thinking about gifting it to someone?
It is a perfect gift for your friends or relatives who are avid travelers or aspire to travel.
Gift it to your employees and add a little fun to their work.
Gift to your kid and help him learn a little about geography with style and fun.
Don’t think, just gift – They will love it anyway!
More than Just pages
The Travel Journal, designed by Luckies of London, is not just about simple pages, over which you can pour your experiences out. It is also inclusive of:
8 x miniature regional scratch map pages of different continents that have a pretty descriptive outlook and the best part about these maps is that these are ‘Scratch maps’ that can be scratched off from any particular area that you wish to cross down, if you have visited it already.
Has a 1 x 64 page notebook
All of this is contained and packed in a recyclable cardboard box packaging
The Scratch Maps have colored foil and are laminated
So start tracking your journey so far with an amazing map and a journal.

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