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Travel document wallet

Now Travel Hassle free with Alife Happy Flight Travel Organiser

Bored of travelling and presenting the documents at the baggage and immigration counter? Now, make it fun and more convenient with the help of Alife Happy Flight travel organizer; a travel wallet designed to make life easier for travelers. Not only does it keep your documents sorted, it looks stylish too. Don’t get surprised if you get an upgrade to Business Class at the check-in counter next time with this stylish and uber cool travel wallet in hand.

Enamel PVC is used in the making of Alife Happy Flight Travel Organizer which increases its durability. Maintaining this organiser is also very easy as it can be simply wiped clean with a wet cloth.

Alife is a South Korea based company, which deals mainly into fun related travel products. Alife has created its own style statement by giving bold and compelling look to their products which makes their products stand out from the rest of the travel products of other companies.

The following are the reasons why Alife Happy Flight Travel Organizer is an absolute must travel accessory:

  • Security: Important documents like passports, air tickets, boarding passes, etc are extremely important and losing any of them can cause a lot of trouble. This travel organizer ensures that all these important documents are safe and secure.
  • Multipurpose: Alife Happy Flight Travel Organizer has many slots, compartments as well as pouches in which not only important documents but credit cards, money, etc also can be kept in a much organised and secure manner.
  • Stylish: This organizer is available in very stylish colors such as red, orange, pink, green, yellow, sky-blue and black. The size of this organizer is 21.8 x 10.3 cm, which is just apt for keeping the important documents safe and giving it a very elegant and smart overall look.
  • Reasonable price: This organizer is surely going to make the process of boarding the flight much simpler at a much reasonable price.

This is one travel organizer which is absolutely required to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Get one today from the house of Luckies in London or their official website.

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