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Travelogue Travel Journal for your Tour Chronicles

Love travelling, collecting souvenirs, recording memoirs? If yes, here is a perfect companion for you, The Travelogue Travel Journal. This unique set of a diary and scratch maps from Luckies of London is more than just a journal; it is your travel planner, an interactive Map and an international translator.
What do you get?

• A 64 page notebook to record all your chronicles and your personalized checklist.
• 8 miniature golden layered Scratch maps, trademark product of Luckies.
• A recycled cardboard presentation folder which has space to keep your important documents like tickets and boarding pass.
The Travelogue Travel Journal is Unique in Many Ways

• Aesthetics: Travelogue Travel Journal comes in 3 beautiful colours to choose from; red, blue and original.
• Diverse: The 8 miniature maps of different regions are sure to inspire you to travel far and beyond.
• Informative: The back of each map contains amazing facts and local jargons from the places to help you through your tours.
• Unique Scratch Feature: Made with laminated paper, all scratch maps have a gold coating. One can scratch this coating to reveal a vibrant colour and more information about that particular place.
• Maps with Memories: The scratch feature can be used to mark either the place you have already visited or an inspiration for your next destination. Share it with your children or grandchildren when they are growing up to inspire them with your stories and encounters in different parts of the world.
• Ideal Gift: Travelogue Travel Journal is a perfect gift for anyone who either has been around the world or aspires to pack the bags and explore the globe.
• Value for Money: For this price, it is a catch you should never miss.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your original Travelogue Travel Journal from Luckies of London. Don’t fall prey to cheap duplicates.

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