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Travel plug tags

Plug Tags – Sort out the confusion in Style!
Chargers are very important things which are needed excessively in our daily lives. We depend on them for charging our various electronic devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. A lot of times the tangle of wires makes it very difficult to find out the correct plug for your device. To sort this out, Luckies brings you the Plug Tags by Alife.
Alife is a company which is known to make the one of the most innovative designs related to travel. The company is based in Seoul, South Korea. The Plug Tags are a perfect way to label all the different plugs at your home or during your travels, so that you know which ones belong to which particular device.
A pack of Plug Tags contains 6 tags each of 2.8 cm x 1.6 cm. You can pick one or all three, depending on your needs
Luckies is known to be the ideal spot to shop for innovative and interesting gift items. The Plug Tags by Alife are made with durable rubber which makes them easy to maintain. Simply wiping them with a wet cloth will suffice to get rid of dust. They also come in many different colors to make the spotting easier.
Here are 5 reasons why to get the Plug Tags by Alife

1. Sort out the cable mess: With the Plug Tags, you can dedicate cables for specific devices, so that no confusion occurs especially when you are using an extension box. The vibrant colours make it easier to understand which plug can be used for which device.

2. Different purposes: These Plug Tags are available for home and office uses separately. As the devices at home are different from the ones at your office, you can pick the pack accordingly.

3. Easy to Use: These Plug Tags can be effortlessly put on and removed from the cables.
4. Innovative gift: The plug tags make for an immensely innovative gift which you can present to your friends or colleagues. They are also ideal for your children as it can help them to stay organized from a young age.

5. Affordable: The Plug Tags by Alife are unique items which can be yours at a very reasonable price!

Get them today from the Luckies store in London or order a pack from their official website.

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