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Travel Scratch Map Deluxe

Introducing the ravishingly handsome deluxe travel scratch map with a premier finish in matte black and copper foil. Good maps are essential for active travel and this one is full of geographical facts. Small enough to roll in and out of the stylish scroll tube without creasing and pop in your rucksack, but big enough to plan your trip on the blank map and notes section, and scratch the foil off your travels to record your personal journey so no need to carry heavy diaries.

The user friendly interactive map is the perfect system for seamless and enjoyable travel, especially those road trips. like down under West Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, luxury bush plains and the sublime blue mountains.

You cannot beat the sense of freedom that road trips and self drive gives and the natural flow of discovery, at your own pace, meeting local people you perhaps wouldn’t come across and places you wouldn’t have stopped at. With the Travel Scratch Map Deluxe you can record your journey as you go scratching off the foil when you have seen to reveal your very own colourful map.

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