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Travel Scratch Map the ultimate Globetrotter Gift

The Travel Scratch Map is the Ultimate Gift for the seasoned Globetrotter, because he doesn’t need battery or signal on his phone, or a gadget taking him the wrong way. He doesn’t need the paper maps that never fold back up or blow away or fade and dissolve. He needs to be in control, he is a serious adventure gatherer.

The Globetrotter has experience under his belt but needs a map that can plan, guide and remember, he hasn’t got the time and space for diary’s and maps and journals. Besides would be too heavy for those open road, city culture and outback adventures to carry all those heavy books. The Travel Scratch Map is designed as a companion in the smaller version of the World Scratch Map with a grid section on the reverse to map out your plans and notes of places to see and things to do. There is an outline of the countries to fill in your own personalised destinations and routes. Made from durable laminated paper for a roll up that doesn’t crease, turn the Travel Map over after each visit and scratch off the gold foil and a colourful map will start to emerge of all the exciting destinations and countries you have experienced is now logged on the Map of the World.

The Ultimate Globetrotter Gift that will blow his socks off, and be a whole weight off his rucksack. The Travel Map companion is all rolled up neat in it’s travel themed hard wearing protective tube ready to use in the morning. Keep travelling and may the Map be with you at all times.

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