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The Travel Scratch Map

Map reading is great fun, because you are starting on a journey of discovery and the excitement of anticipation for a place you have never been to before. O K it might not be a map of treasure island with a trunk of gold coins, it is better in fact, the life experience of travel.

Anyone can read a map, if it’s the right way up ! so let the Travel Scratch Map assist you to your destination and have fun along the way, this map gives you the freedom to slide off that open road and visit that secret unlisted cove for a sneaky pirate adventure. Produced smaller than the original World Scratch Maps to carry with you and use to plan, log, and reveal. A little bit like a 3 in 1. The reverse of this scratch map has a plain white finish with the countries outlined, free from written content so you can plan your journey, and make notes and log down places of interest. The map itself is a stunning contrast of white and gold foil or black and copper foil with detailed information to uncover depending on which map you choose from the series.

Take part in your travels, own it and enjoy it, with the use of these exquisite maps and scratch off where you have been revealing a world of colorful knowledge and experience that lasts a lifetime. Makes a beautiful gift presented in a strong card tube in complimentary finish in gold with white outlined map images or matte black with copper outlined country images if you go for the deluxe map. The beauty of the travel map is that if you are doing a road trip or back packing, the durable laminate easy to roll in and out map with scroll tube will fit in your rucksack for easy en route usage. Who needs friends, when you have a Travel Map!

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