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Travel Scratch Maps For Recording Your Travels On The Go

These purpose made travel maps are for those multi trip holidays, road trips and cruises. The trips of a lifetime and the see as much as you can holidays. One of the greatest road trips in the world will require a great map and record keeper because if we live on earth then guaranteed The Garden Route in South Africa is heaven on earth and you won’t want to just drive through it.

The Travel Map reverse is there to make sure you don’t miss a thing in your plans. An outlined plain map of the World for you to make notes on. One minute you are driving next to the Indian Ocean, the next you’re in the forest, then the lush valleys, and then the very green countryside, and up pops a quaint village with suspended clouds shrouding the dramatic limestone cliffs and down below the turquoise lagoon beckons you in for a heavenly float.

Oh and did I mention the sandy beaches, the wildlife reserves, and the vineyards along the wine tasting route ? Or the amazing seafood and the no stress vibe of the friendliest people ever. Phew, you will be glad you took your travel map with so much to see, especially for travel on the go, the easy roll out durable map is just the right size to fit in a rucksack and log down your adventures, check the route and make any alterations. Keep a record and scratch off where you’ve been to reveal the most colourful trip on the planet, your own personalised travel record and journey.

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