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United States Travel Map

Scratch Maps USA Travel – Get Ready for the American Adventure!
Luckies of London introduced the world to the amazing concept of Scratch Maps in 2009. Since then, they have been bringing out newer variations and versions to keep their customers happy. One of the variants in this best-selling category is the Scratch Map USA Travel. Let’s find out more about this map and why should one buy it.
Scratch Map USA Travel – What makes it Special!
To understand this, we first need to understand what a scratch map is. A scratch map is a ‘regular’ map, but has a top layer foil that you can choose to scratch off, once you visit the country or place. Once you scratch on a particular place, it reveals amazing and interesting facts about that particular place.
Much like the original scratch map, Scratch Map USA Travel also has a top layer which can be scratched off. However there are various other things that Scratch Maps USA travel has in addition:
Mark your Route: Going on a road trip from Texas to New York. Don’t worry, just mark your route on the map and take it with you.
Top 5 Places: My top 5 Cities section allows you to list down your favourite 5 cities once you have covered the entire USA.
Know all States: Ever questioned about all the states in US. The map has a small section that contains all the states of US that you can strike off once you have visited.
Easy to Carry: With dimensions of 16.5 X12 cm it is an easy to carry map. Comes packed in a tube box so that you can carry it around without worrying about damaging it.
Advantages of possessing a Scratch Map USA
Gifting a scratch map to a friend would help him or her in many ways. It could be a useful possession because
You neither need to keep a track of places you visited, nor maintain diaries; scratched or unscratched places tell you about the places visited
It is an entertaining and educative piece for your kids which reveal interesting facts about the country, and give you immense knowledge about America’s geography. Kids can sharpen their skills of the Map and other unknown facts on unexplored places.
It helps you in planning your next trip, and also know more facts about the places you want to take up next for your visit.
Using Scratch Maps USA can make travelling a fun, exciting and easier thing. It opens to you, a whole new world of exciting and amazing facts about the places you want to explore.

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