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USA Travel Map

Scratch Maps: Your Ultimate Guide for USA Trips!
‘The United States of America’ – there is something about this country that makes it special. USA is such a large country that you can never know it all, even if you are an American. Scratch Maps USA is beautifully designed map from the stable of Luckies in London. The stars and stripes designed top layer can be scratched off to reveal the intricate details of a particular place.
Planning Your USA Trip Candidly!
If you are planning a USA trip or know a friend who is, Scratch Map USA is a must have.
The maps are very helpful to the avid travel buffs, who just don’t have to roam about anymore standing at the New Times Square and spreading the whole map altogether and sketching the whole area off, since he has visited it off, already.
It is a really innovative and brilliant way of demarcating places.
The simple piece of foil which is a rough outline of the USA map with stars and stripes all over its body; but the exciting part lies in the whole feature, which reveals itself once you start scratching out, the places and locations you have visited.
The dimensions of 33.5 x 23.6 cm make it a perfect wall piece.
Wondering Why You Should Purchase The Maps?
The scratch maps bear the capability to turn the simple map into a magnificent brightly hued States for you! And oh, boy each time you do that, it’s like how fast can one be able to be done with the whole thing. It really is, for the young kids who have just set out from their cocoon to the huge world out there and be enthralled with such wonderful places and marking them, oops scratching them off the list!
A Perfect Gift
Choosing a gift for someone, especially when that someone is special is quite tough. Let’s make it easy for you by giving you some reasons for gifting this awesome piece of art by Luckies this time.
Traveler: If you know anyone who is a traveler, don’t even wait for any occasion. A traveler will love this map.
Kid: If you want to teach a Kid about geography of the USA, there is no better and fun way of doing it than the Scratch Map USA.
Décor: Gift it as a wall piece and people would thank you every time they look at this marvel on their wall.

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