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Vintage style luggage labels

Want To Travel In Style – Get Luggage Label Stickers Today

Travelling in style was never this easy and cheap. There is now good news for travelers; you don’t need to throw away those old and unattractive luggage cases. In fact, now with the help of these Luggage Label stickers from Luckies of London, you can make them look even more attractive.
Perfect for someone who is at all times on the move, these stickers can help to personalize the luggage cases. Not only this, they can be easily peeled off and leave no remains. This makes transferring the label stickers on different pieces of bags or removing them, very easy.

These stickers have the attributes to transform even the most lacklustre baggage into a gorgeous, chic and exceptional travelling buddy.

Ideal for any modish tourist, the Luggage Label Stickers are, in addition, a magnificent souvenir for any globe trotter or a classy traveler.
So, what makes Luggage Label Stickers a must for any traveler?

  • Vintage inspired: Go retro with these vintage looking stickers on your bags and suitcases.
  • Enviable as well as eye-catching: The luggage label stickers when stuck on your suitcase will surely make heads turn while you move around in the airport.
  • Makes spotting your luggage easy: With the help of these luggage label stickers and one luggage tag that comes along with it, you can spot your travel bag anywhere anytime.
  • Easy to remove: Since these luggage label stickers are made of self-adhesive vinyl, they can be easily removed from the suitcases and bags should you choose to without leaving behind any residue.
  • Flaunt your Itinerary: With 16 designs, showcasing top 16 places of the world; you can now show off the places you have been too without being labelled a braggart.
  • A Great Gift: While you would be tempted to buy these stickers right away, spare a thought for your traveller friends and relatives and get one for them too!
    While these stickers are great value items, they are very easy on the pocket too. You will be surprised how just a little extra spend can transform the look of the bag you thought was obsolete.

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