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Word Art Map of London

Explore aspects of London with Word Map Art Print London

London is a dream holiday destination. Its history, culture and food calls for a detailed trip of the capital, which boasts of beauty in all aspects of its lifestyle. Planning a trip to London? All you need is a detailed map that tells you all about London without missing out on a single location. Word Map Art Print London is that perfect something you cannot miss when you are visiting London, or even if you live there.

To explore a place as amazing as London, you will definitely need a map. With so many interesting facts about all its facets, an ordinary map won’t be able to help you. This is why you need Word Map Art Print London.

Conceptualised by the Luckies of London and designed by Allison Hardcastle; a famous illustrator, the map represents detailed map of the country on paper.
The map comes stylishly packed which is what helps you keep it safe and also makes it a perfect little something to gift your friends or family.
Here are some interesting points that make the Word Map Art Print London a must-have item:

• Designed by an expert: This is no ordinary map. Illustrator Alison Hardcastle has made it by using specific type casts. They capture the character of each different place beautifully.
• Motivates you for the next Destination: The map comes with interesting facts which is what plays a key role here. It motivates you to explore more and move on to the next destination with all the enthusiasm.
• Made in London: Since the map is made in its home country, you can be assured that no part of it will be missed. You can easily rely on it without any second thought.
• Take Pride: If you are a true Londoner, you just cannot miss owning this map. Stick this 45 x 46.5 cm map on your wall and showcase your love for the city.

Get yourself or gift someone this map today and make every bit of the London journey worth it!

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