World map with countries

Countries are as much about the people and their culture as much as it is the land they live off sometimes to the outsider it looks like paradise, or looks too harsh to live in icy conditions, or dry and hot but it is home and they have created a colorful unique place to share and exchange life experience. Countries with their style cuisine from local produce, customs and traditions architecture, nature and monumental landscapes.

If you want to experience a kaleidoscope of culture to explode those senses then a tour of the African countries will feed your desire from Chad with 100 ethnic groups or Togo with 37 tribes and 39 languages. Visit Cameroon’s mountainous forest fringed coastline and enjoy the unique and diverse natural landscape and get up close to gorillas and chimpanzees and take African and human culture to your heart after all this is where it all started !
If it is historical culture you crave then Greece with it’s thousands of islands and monuments of ancient Colosseum’s and temples coupled with the turquoise waters, beautiful lakes and lagoons, forest and mountains and unique landscape, and very nice friendly people serving up some very tasty fresh food. What more could an adventurer want. A World Map to plan and record your journey perhaps and show off all the colourful places you have explored.!