World Map Poster


You love your hiking and have trodden many paths with friends or alone addicted to the ever changing landscapes and challenges of it’s terrain. Then you get to thinking about all the ancient pilgrims and feel inspired to take on the World. Life changing travel with ancient sites, you are walking the pilgrimages famous routes with the help and motivation of the World Map Poster.

In the modern world of computer games we see less and less and do less, and so these days more than ever we feel a pull towards adventure and the cleansing of our stressful lives that can only be achieved in nature. The most famous pilgrimage with 200,000 walkers a year is the Camino De Santiago taking you from France through the Pyrenees and Northern Spain.
The 42 mile Glastonbury walk in the U K will take you to the stone circle where you can join a crowd of 10,000 people to celebrate the summer solstice, or go further afield for your spiritual journey to the remote mount Kailash in Tibet and walk the holy mountain which is believed to bring good fortune.
A long awaited trip of a lifetime. Don’t put it off any longer. A World Map poster is just the thing you need to prompt your planning, log your progress and remember all the colourful places and experiences you have shared and looks amazing on the wall as a life record and a reminder that the World is there for you.