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World Map Scratch Map

Do you ever feel like escaping everyday life to a place where the wind carries the drum beat of gentleness from a time when freedom mean’t wondering around the land to discover new places and meet new people. Ancient lands that remember the nomadic life styles of our ancestors. Some indigenous people have survived around the World with their lifestyles and traditions in tact. We can learn and enjoy their no stress hospitality and the beautiful places they respect and look after.

There are 326 Indian reservations today in the US with most Native Americans welcoming tourists to their way of life. Or meet the nomadic warriors of Kenya and Tanzania and enjoy their colourful displays of song and dance. Wouldn’t it be nice to let go like that with no care. The World Scratch Map doesn’t care, and has no opinion so use it to fill your heart with old traditions from around the World and get some much needed care free song and dance.
The Karen people live on the border of Burma and Thailand living in harsh mountain conditions but still around 40,000 people related to the Tibetans have kept a rich culture alive, living in homes made of bamboo on stilts where animals are kept underneath. Food is cooked on an open fire and they grow their own crops, so a little different from our halogen cookers and supermarket produce.
Seeing the World through another persons eyes gives us a sense of who we truly are. If ever there was a great escape from modern life, then visiting the many tribal communities around the World will lead you to the most stunning places on the planet. Mark out your personal route on the World Scratch Map and record your own historical journey and remember the soft African drum beat to the rhythm of the earth on a soft warm desert breeze.

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