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World Scratch Map

Just how difficult is it to see and scratch off the whole World Map to accomplish that of great expeditions, with all their equipment and sponsorship ? 80 day’s rings a bell.
Can’t really manage that all in one go, work and commitments don’t allow, but let us not just give in on our personalised travel experience. The package holiday is o k for a rest but what about seeing the culture and covering that World Map

The 80 day cruises normally start off well but after 100 ports one starts to miss home. If you are going to cruise the World and get bored easy then it could be best done in 2 or 3 week sections. this way every time you travel, you can enjoy the planning, the excitement and the discovering all over again and again and you can try different modes of transport as an extra to do bucket list experience.

A fly drive experience is a great way to cover the World map, and see as much of it as you can as you hit the highways of coastal routes and then nipping inland to see some great city cultures and monuments.

The best book and then turned into a film that demonstrates the life changing affects of travel is ” Eat, Pray, Love. A journey of self discovery along side the culture, landscape, monuments and countries of Italy, India and Bali where the main character falls in love. The scene at Trevi Fountain, in Rome, the most beautiful and famous fountain in the World is amazing and many a romantic film has been set their over many decades. Let the movies put you in the mood, and let the World scratch map move you to the most romantic places in the world to eat the best cuisine, feel at great peace within yourself, and find love is all there is in the end.

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