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World Scratch Map

Follow the stars and end a perfect day with a sunset and a glass of local wine. Let the World Scratch Map take you to the best locations in the World where the stars will always shine but the atmospheres of the places you visit will always bring a new feeling for your personal travel experience when you end the day in special locations with a glass of wine and a sunset.

It is true that wherever you are in the World, Orion rises in the East, and sets in the West. Orion’s belt is the only 3 bright stars that form a straight line in the whole of the night sky, and will always rise and set with one degree due East or West. The Big Dipper rotates anti clockwise around the North Star and sometimes appears upside down but it’s relationship with the North Star never changes and will always point the way for you.

They say that no two sunsets are ever the same as they are created by the Earth’s atmosphere and colour wavelengths as it drops past clouds, beaches, volcanoes and mountains. Famous sunsets must see and scratch off to record on your Map of the World could be the Lion King type silhouette of African safari in orange and black contrast, Intense outstretched reflections of pinks and blues bouncing off icy slopes and lakes around Iceland, the Pyramids in Egypt reflecting the yellow sand towers over the camels wondering in the shimmering heat, ancient temples create surreal images in Bali or India with the Taj Mahal.

With a map on your wall you can plan your great escape, it is your time to start planning some great adventures to explore the landscapes and coastlines and culture, ending a perfect day with a local glass of wine. From cities like Barcelona over the colourful rooftops, or Santorini Greece, rugged island with white houses strike against the bright ocean views for some of the best sunsets in the World.

You decide where you want to see your perfect sunset to end a perfect day in all the different atmospheres around the World. Interestingly the top 2 must see sunsets according to a survey and not surprising, is Grand Canyon Arizona and Stonehenge, England. Where will you go to see yours ?

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