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World Travel Scratch Map

Nothing gets the create juices flowing like a spot of travel. The World Scratch Map will motivate you to plan and take part in the biggest creative journey of your life. Photographers, artists, song writers and inventors will get their greatest ideas when roaming free.

Sitting in silent contemplation does not always bring results, but we can rely on nature, to inspire all our senses and let go of everyday stress, that blocks thought patterns, letting go of that, and letting in the fresh air, the stunning scenery, and the smell of the earth melting from ice, the sun scorching the wild vast plains, and the abundance of floral aromas, smells we don’t notice when we are too busy.

Set your easel up in the South of France, paint the lavender fields or the vineyards. Kick off your shoes in the meadow and record your own personalised travel journey on the World Scratch Map, just as you do on the canvas, and frame your Map, just like your painting, revealing true life experience, to remember that good times are always waiting.

Take your camera to the Worlds largest trees in California’s Redwood coast and take your wide angled lens to capture the 2000 years old trees growing over 375 feet tall, and even drive straight through a redwood in your car !

Compassion is found in every walk of life, but sometimes peace is hard to find, but there are a few places on the World Map where you will be inspired to write so take your note book to Rio Celeste Falls Costa Rico and you have just found paradise playing with your heart strings, conjuring up beautiful words in your mind and you cannot help feeling peace and happiness and you want to share that by recording it. Keep a memory and scratch off your creative travels on your personal travel map, and be sure to keep finding them special peaceful places and never stop creating.

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